Wednesday, March 23, 2011

revolution pt 1

The revolution begins when we honour our experince. The reality of what our bodies experince. It sounds so simple yet the most basic, primal, universal experince of being alive is to be present as the Sun rises. Just do it. You can be blind deaf and dumb and your body will register the move from night today. Do it and be aware of what you experience at the beggining of a totally new day created by this great ball of fire rising up in the sky above. It is truly a magnificent, awe inspiring and mysterious experince to reflect upon. Our culture all but ignores this wondrous daily event? The revolution begins by honouring it.
Its no surprise that in many cultures the Sun is a God. Look into the face of the Sun long enough and you will be blinded. Stand in the presence of the Sun especially in Queensland and you will be burnt. The Sun gives light and life t oeverything. Not a bad defintion of a God! The big three montheistic religions Christianity, Judainm and Islam all dispute this and they are part of the problem. Science too disputes this and is as rigid as any religion in its own way. Science denies our primary experience of the Sun rising and will not accept any alternative. Science wont allow both and, so we have to take sides and split between the head and the body. I prefer to honour the experince of the Sun rising whilst also honouring science telling me that the Sun is indeed fixed and its the earth moving.
The enlightenment moved the source of light from the Sun out there to Reason inside our head. Its a man thing and thats caused us huge problems too this day. Honouring the Sun is the beggining of an Astrological perception. The revolution will be Astrological!

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