Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Death in Brisbane

Back in Brisbane. Lost my phone in Perth...one of Mmercury's tricks, he's retrograde at the moment. Needing to make money fast, busking with Daddy Loops tomorrow night in West End. Really keen to get to Woodford for new years eve? But who knows may go to Powerhouse instead. I get so far ahead of myself. What will be, will be.
Yesterday I was walking along Hargrave road, thinking how my relationship, my life has been through a classic death.... rebirth. In the split second between thinking death and rebirth I see a dead magpie on the grass. Its still warm, hit by a car. I want to honour it, like the crow I wear as the Mysterius Doctor Mercurius. The timing is amazing, stunning. Synchronicity. Something has died with in me. The bird that wants to fly above life and something has been born. A new desire to engage with life as it is . Later I moved and danced in the rain as Daddy Loops did his thing. Went to new level. Later found that the moon was on my natal Pluto. Pluto the planet of death and rebirth.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jeff the catalyst!

Yesterday the fianl piece of my identity puzzle came together for me. Whilst I can be as selfish, lazy and stupid as the next person what I have is the rare ability to be a catalyst for creative change. My dream is to catalyse Australia for creative revolution, alchemical ecological : now! This is what sets me apart from anyone else. This is how I have to market and brand myself...as Jeff the catalyst... much as that stuff doesnt interest me its how things get done in the world and I want to get lots done. I worked with resins making surfboards years ago and i know that it only takes a drop of catalyst to set off a chemical reaction in a 50 litre drum of resin! I beleive i have that elusive stuff in me that australia needs. I havent added it to the mix yet and the results will be unpredicatable But i know this is my moment to do it. I feel highly energised and motivated. This has been at least 30 years in the making perhaps all my life. I cant live any other way now and dont want too. I can only go forward.
Ironically I will arrive back in Brisbane after a short trip to West Aust broke and in debt. I have to immediatly find paid work or follow my passion if I can get financial support. Theres no other option now. I am looking at a months work on mines if necessary. I will do whatever is necessary to get through. I would prefer to begin speaking, training, writing now but lets wait and see what emerges. If you can help or know someone who can it has to be concrete and real I dont have time to waste right now. I am more then capable of doing a lot of things , its all inside its just the finances that are my achilles heel.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


As of writing am in Donnybrook west oz. I have a vision for Australia and her role in the world. Its been forming for 30 years now. Visions they dont come cheap and mine has cost me . And too begin will make it all worthwile. I know its up to me to beleive in myself. And i do now. Something has finally changed inside. A full moon the other night fell directly on my natal mars and the next day I knew something had changed inside. No white light , no drama just a calm acceptance. I have never really brought all of myself into the world and who knows what I am capable of? I do know that I can be a catalyst for others, I am good at inspiring others and uniting people. I help people to feel welcomed in their diversity. I want to take this out on a much larger scale. Now. right now .Public speaking is my passion. Give me a room full of people , a thousand peole of all ages and I can walk out and talk for an hour right now. No notes no preparation. The preparation is inside me. Ive lived with this stuff for so long now. All I want is to share it. I need help though. Financially I am in a hole. Its a result of not fully following my passion. from here on I want t oask for help as I cant go any further by myself. I need others to help with organising. There is a huge task for all of us up ahead. It begins with my commitment. Failure is not an option! If you can help in any way please let me know. I will be back in qld monday 27 I am ready to hit the road running. I want to start talking to anyone who will listen.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Luke Roberts

Went and saw Luke Roberts at IMA valley . La Nina (Aurole mandorla Vesica Piscis) is an amazing photo. A coming together of the religious history with here and now in Australia.
I can really relate to having a persona : Pope Alice. Religion seems to demand this sort of playing with its shit rather then rejecting it, throwing it away. Just over a week ago the other Pope in rome was quoted as experiencing a unprecedented shock !(Uranus in astrological terms) by the exposure of child abuse...whats the shock unless you have your head in the sand? Then he aptly names it a volcanoe out of which suddenly a tremendous cloud of filth came, darkening and soiling everything.This couldnt be a better descripion of Pluto: God of the Underworld.
Vocanoes are erupting both literal and metaphoric all over the world right now and they will only continue. The sooner we start playing with the buried shit the better.


Iv'e been half aware, half blind to fashion all my life. As Saturn sits on Venus in Libra and Neptune sits opposite my sun melting the fire into water some opening, awakening, slow exploding, happens I am seeing colour and beauty, fashion with new eyes.
Met Lucy and Milly at Principessa( I think) in Valley. Looking very fine in yellow she was.


Am reading Where Good idea's Come from: : The natural history of innovation, Steven Johnson. He's got a very mercurial mind, crossing lots of boundaries smoothly. I love his writing style the way his mind works, the way he shapes and plays with language.