Thursday, August 18, 2011

More Revolutionary Raving

Have you ever left things to the last moment and then hit a threshold where you realize you now have to pull out all stops to finish whatever it is . Adrenaline or panic or some mixture often  kicks in and to you surprise you get more done in a hour or a day then you have in weeks months or years? I think the entire world is fast approaching one of those moments. There is a distinct possibility that mass panic will kick in when we awaken to the fact that we are on the verge of global collapse.I prefer to hold onto the view that when this moment occurs and it will occur then it will be Australia's time to walk onto the world stage and lead the world through this crisis. Before that happens we have some work and preperation to do first.
 At the heart of our looming crisis are two factors 1.Our absolute love affair with electricity. Electricity is our God, our unconscious God. We are so in love with this God and its power that we are prepared to destroy the earth. 2. The scientific attitude that seperates living from non-living. This facilitates the rape of vast areas of the earth our mother.

Any revolution that desires to bring about fundamental and radical change has to target these two attitudes, mindsets or worldviews. Not only target as in expose the fundamental lies at work but also offer living alternatives.
Revolutions have had a tendency to throw the baby out with the bathwater, creating change whilst and also creating a new set of problems.

The revolution must include a deep appreciation for what and who we find revolting ! Capitalism, Patriachy, war sexism, Mining, etc all have there own internal logic that needs to be understood before it can be effectively challenged. This involves deep listening to the aspirations, hopes and dreams of those we oppose. Easier said then done. I want to begin training people in this form of revolutionary listening . For me whats called essential counselling skills or rogerian listening coupled with Astrological/archetypal awareness is the key. I plan to begin training others in this process.

A experiential encounter with Astrology is one of the best ways to kick start an ongoing intiation to a more expanded worldview. To open oneself to the possibility that the cosmos is patterned and that the position of the planets at our birth has a deep and abiding significance shakes the foundation of the older scientific worldview that clings to a notion of a meaningless universe of which humanity is a mere accident of evolution.

The creation of social electricity as a nalternative to literal electricty. Small communitty based celebrations that include music, mask and mischief. A distinct focus upon experimentaion and be continued.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Religious ruminating pt 1

Walking down Boundary Street the other day I told my dear friend Gaby that I wanted to start my own religion. Thankfully she didn't fall on the ground laughing or look at my sideways as if I needed to be immediately medicated or posted off for a visit to the Pych ward. These are all my fears I guess that have stopped me from sharing whats in my heart.
Religion is currently a dirty word especially amongst intellectual and artistic circles. Even spiritual people want to distance themselves with the oft heard phrase, " I'm spiritual not religious." Well I love dirt, I love dirty words and I especially like the R word. Yes there is a childish contrary part of me that inwardly chuckles  at the thought of furrowed brows and perplexed looks from my non-religious friends. More importantly is that I am convinced  that the only solution to our global crisis will be at heart a religious solution. Someone has said that this century will be religious or not at all. I agree. The word religion religion has a host of meanings. One is careful as opposed to neglect. Another and the most often stated is to bind fast, to place an obligation on, the bond between humans and the Gods. For me the only way we are going to survive is if we voluntarily accept that we are bound fast to this planet, that we have to be careful with all of creation. That we realise that life places obligations on us.
Religion gives us a framework, a philosophy to join with others in order to be full of care, to accept our obligations as caretakers of this planet and it can facilitate the bond between humans and the Gods. This is what I want to build and create. Not my own private religion but one that carries on the work of many others including Marcilio Ficino Renaissance philosopher, William Blake Visionary Artist, Carl Jung Cultural Shaman, James Hillman Alchemical Psychologist and others...
All of them in their own way worked with the twin, intertwined and  twisted religious legacy of the Western World :Paganism and Christianity. Jung especially saw it as his mission to darken the image of Christ via alchemy and astrology. For me his 1939 vision of an Alchemical Christ is profound and offers a symbol of the future. It puts the snake of Paganism, Alchemy and Astrology first. In his vision the Snake has digested the fish of Christianity and extended its vision. In the Christian story God, the spirit, the life force, the fire from the heavenly places comes down to earth to incarnate in humans. In Jung's vision the Spirit, the divine life force has filled not only a human being but also the mineral and vegetable kingdoms. Everything is divine and sacred. There are no artificial scientific lines drawn between living and non-living, human and subject and object, human and world. Everything is in relationship with everything else.

Thats all for now. I will return soon. Theres a book here waiting to be written. Hmmmmn don't know if I am really saying what I want to say in a way that others can feel and  grasp. That's ok its begun. I am having a go. I am learning.