Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Mystic Guy in the Shed

At the beginning of the year I had a sort of volcanic eruption. A death-rebirth. I moved to Highgate Hill and begun creating the Alchemical Shed. Its a space that's been evolving since and is really only open for the business of cultural healing now. Its so exciting to have a space in which I can be always relate to the elements of nature. The shed has only 3 walls so is open too the natural world constantly.
I just cannot practice therapy indoors anymore and pretend that our cultural relationship with the natural world is not at the root of all, yes all, psychological issues. It is! Heal this and and our culture can begin to heal and the possibility of a new era of world healing ushers onto the stage.
In fact I have declared war on this old and out-dated attitude, worldview. philosophy to the natural world. The worldview or epistemology that can divide the world into living and non-living is a worldview that is crazy and will destroy us. I don't want to destroy people only the way of thinking. Destroy it with humour and creativity.

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