Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mine, mining and raping.

The idea of anything being "mine". Of me owning anything seems to be at the heart of the issue in our relationship with the natural world. I call this act of ownership My-ning. Making something that is free "Mine". Its a form of rape. We see something we want; those minerals buried under the earth, that piece of land, that persons body and we take it. That the whole Western world is built so firmly upon this principle means we are all in it. Its like our collective primal taboo. Th e secret we dare not discuss. We have all built our lives on the rape of our mother earth and o n the rape of others. Its already been done and it continues to be done. We all turn a blind eye. It can only continue whilst we turn a blind eye.By rape I mean literally and metaphorically. We are all rapists! Male or female we are all complicit. Admitting the truth is the beginning of wisdom and healing. Imagine if nothing or at least a whole lot less things where mine and instead ours. Turn off the critics for a minute or two and just imagine.

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