Sunday, December 7, 2014

Still crazy after all these years.....

Hmmm a few years have passed, my thinking has deepened but not really changed. I've been prone to occasional rants on Facebook but FB is not the place for depth so I have returned here. Australia continues to wander rather aimlessly. There is more distrust in our institutions then ever one that isn't embroiled in some form of controversy or corruption? This is a very dangerous place for a nation to be in. Suicide rates are not going down and they are rising dramatically amongst indigenous peoples. Depression is rising. Self harming, domestic violence, etc ...the list goes on and its a depressing list. We may get changes of government but this is wider and deeper. The issue is cultural and spiritual. It involves our worldview.  
So I plan to focus on the formation of our worldview, our cultural roots, the role that Cosmology, Alchemy and mainly Jungian Psychology can play in building a new worldview. My larger focus is the role Australia can play in the world and our identity. I hope others join the conversation. Ultimatly this will form the foundations of a book in progress   

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